Friday, April 13, 2007


Hi Everyone,

Some of you know that I have been working part-time for my dad for the last few months helping him out with a few big deals that he has. The client that we are working for came into the office yesterday and gave me a new digital camera and picture printer. It will really cool so I should be taking a lot more pictures in the future.

Rebecca is in the All-City Childrens Choir. Her conductor had his doctoral recital on Wednesday night and had the Childrens Choir perform two selections. They were great. He also had his university choir perform a very long song. It was Bach's Easter Oratorio. It consisted of an orchestra, a choir and four great soloists. I was helping supervise the Childrens Choir during this as he had warned them that the piece was 12 movements long and that they were not to applaud until after the final movement. The choir was very well behaved considering they had to sit absolutely still and listen to all 12 movements which lasted 55 minutes and was not in English!! Kudos to Brandon for a great recital I'm sure the doctorate is in the bag!!


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