Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Disneyland and California Adventure

Well, we went to California Adventure yesterday. It was much less crowded than the previous day. We spent the morning and part of the afternoon there. Then we went to Downtown Disney and had a late lunch at the Rainforest Cafe and did some shopping. I took the packages back to the hotel while the girls went back to California Adventure to go on the Tower of Terror.

Then I joined them at California Adventure. We saw the High School Musical Pep Rally, which Rebecca really liked. If you have been to California Adventure then you know that there is a giant ferris wheel there. Each branch of the ferris wheel has three compartments, two that move back and forth and swing as the wheel goes around and one in the middle that is fairly stable. Last year I greatly enjoyed the stable compartment. It shows a great view of the Park and ...is stable. This time I let the girls talk me into going on the unstable compartments. Anyone who knows how much I dislike heights when I feel insecure then you know that this was a great accomplishment and I am now very brave.

We stayed at California Adventure until it closed at 8 pm and then decided to go back to the hotel for a swim and hot tub and call it an early night rather than go back over to Disneyland.

This morning we went to Disneyland. We stayed there until around 1 pm and then headed over to Tortilla Jos for lunch. While we were having lunch it began to pour rain. We were looking outside wondering how we were going to get back to our hotel when we were done eating as we were dressed in shorts and tank tops and did not have jackets with us. Amazingly, by the time we were done eating, the rain had passed, the sky was blue and the sun was shining. We went back to the hotel anyways. Rebecca and Krystal went to the pool and I drove to Target to get Rebecca some medicine. Now that Krystal's eye is better, Rebecca has a very nasty cold. It is now just after 5 pm and we are going to go back to Disneyland. We will re-enjoy our favorite rides and watch the fireworks. This is our last day at Disneyland. Tomorrow, we hit Hollywood.


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