Friday, March 02, 2007


Well, I haven't posted for quite a while. Since the end of January we have been going through quite a time at our house and it was consuming a lot of my time and was not appropriate for posting. We have resolved the situation and now I am focussing my energy on something else...namely our Girls Trip to California.

I now have the airline tickets booked, a cool car booked (a convertible) and our hotels in Anaheim and San Diego. The hotel in San Diego will get us discounted tickets for the Zoo and SeaWorld when we get there and Rebecca and I are going to pick up our Hopper Passes for Disneyland today (EVERYONE PAYS THE KIDS PRICE).

You are probably wondering why this post is called WICKED. Well Krystal and Rebecca have been listening to songs from the Broadway musical "Wicked" (mostly the song Popular..listen to it if you get a chance) for some time now. I went online and found out that Wicked is playing at the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood when we are there so today I bought 3 tickets. I had to pay more than I planned because the two cheapest ticket values were sold out and I had to change our plans to visit Hollywood from Sunday to Wednesay but it is done. I think it will be great fun and Krystal called me "AWESOME".

Hope everyone's day is going well.



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