Monday, November 20, 2006


Well, I'm convinced that someone somewhere has a little voodoo doll of me and was having a great time using it last week. Everywhere I went something went wrong but after reading my last post I've decided to try and look on the bright side of last week.

1. Rebecca and Shawn had the flu - bright side: they are now better and I got to spend lots of time with them when they were sick most of the week.

2. Krystal's boyfriend broke up with her - bright side: he must not have been the one that God had planned for her and she is moving on (she's already been out 3 times since then with other guys).

3. I made Krystal drive to school and she crashed the car - bright side: we met a really nice girl named Nicole who was driving the care we hit, nobody was injured or died.

4. I lost the headlight from the car on Highway 21 - bright side: out car had a new nickname "Cyclops" and it was loose from the accident and will be covered under the insurance claim from the accident.

5. I went to Bible Study at Janet's and her dog had a stroke in the middle of Bible Study - bright side: The dog is doing well now and at least people were there so she wasn't alone when it happened.

6. I came home and went to close the garage door and it broke with the van inside it so we were down to one crashed car with only one headlight - bright side: Shawn thinks he can fix it (although he fixed it on Saturday and it broke again on Sunday morning...the only bright side I can come up with is that because the door is partially opened it lets a lot of light into the garage and I always thought we should have put a window in the garage. Oh also when it broke again the van was on the outside of the garage not the inside but we can't drive it right now because it is at the mechanics.

7. I drove the van on Friday and now there is something wrong with the brakes - bright side: we took the van in to get it checked, they told us that the rear calibers had totally blown out. Shawn told them that we just had them replaced on July 2 and so they informed us that they are under warranty. (the downside of this bright side is that only the parts are under warranty and we have to pay over $300.00 for labor to get them to fix the defective parts. I don't know about you but this just seems really wrong to me. They said the labor would have been covered if it was with 100 days of being done but it is exactly 140 days so we are out the money. I said so you can just keep putting defective parts in and making money from our paying the outrageous labor costs?? Ok Ok I'll stop now my down side is longer than my bright side.

Well I think you all have the idea and just remember next time you see me ... watch out you never know what may happen!!!


At 1:36 PM, Blogger Kirst said...

I'm glad to hear you see a bright side to your week. It can be so hard to do that. I hope this week picks up for you.

At 6:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

it's supposed to be our car.


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