Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Bad Luck

Well, most of the time things so fairly well for us. This past week has been an exception. Last Sunday, Krystal's boyfriend broke up with her, they got back together on Monday, and he broke up with her again on Tuesday. She has been so upset that her school called me on Thursday to ask what was the wrong as she is always so upset in school lately. This past Saturday night Rebecca got the flu and was throwing up every half hour Satuday night and Sunday. She was a little better on Monday but still sick and stayed home from school. Sunday night Shawn caught what Rebecca had and has been sick since Sunday night (he is still sick today).

Because Shawn and Rebeccas were sick yesterday, I told Krystal I would take her to school. I suggested she drive (she has a learners). She had not yet driven in the snow but a lot of people were off work and the roads were fairly good. Maybe not my best idea because she had an accident. She hit a red car driven by a very nice girl named Nicole who was on her way to the first day of her practicum as an occupational therapist.

Then today, I came home from driving Rebecca to school. I parked in the garage and as I was coming into the house I pushed the button to close the garage door. There was a weird noise and the metal brackets that hold the door closing unit in the air bent. The entire garage door unit twisted sideways and the door came partially off. Shawn went out to look at it (even though he is home still sick) and says that the side tracks that the door slides on bent when the door was coming down. He is now seeing if he can get the door open enought to get the van out and then close it and we will be parking in the driveway until we can get it fixed.

So, I thought to myself when everything seems to be going wrong, what do you do? Why you blog about it of course!!


At 4:18 PM, Blogger Kirst said...

Sorry to hear about your bad luck. Hopefully things pick up soon. Now hopefully you, Kim don't get sick too.


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