Sunday, April 01, 2007

San Diego Zoo

We spent Saturday at the San Diego Zoo. 100 acres of plants and animals. We began our day with a 35 minute guided tour on a double decker bus which covered 75% of the zoo and gave us a great overview. We spent the rest of our day exploring the zoo ourselves. At the San Diego Zoo they are very much into endangered animals so along with the zoo regulars they have many animals that you don't see at other zoos (or anywhere really). I didn't know that they also have many endangered plants and trees. Our guide showed us one tree that was worth $25,000 and told us that they have several of these trees in the zoo. In fact she said that their plants are worth more money than their animals!! After we left the zoo we had supper and went shopping. That's it for today so I will leave you with some animal pictures.


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