Friday, March 30, 2007


We went to SeaWorld today. It was a beautiful day and we walked until our feet were aching. The weather was beautiful today which was good because almost the first thing we did was go to the Dolphin Show and sat in the "guaranteed to get soaked" zone. They didn't lie we were totally soaked. Krystal got pictures of that because she has a waterproof camera. We also took in Shamu's show and saw manatees, rays, sharks, sea stars, fresh water aquarium, salt water aquarium, polar bears, seal lions, seals, penguins, etc.

We were at SeaWorld for 8 hours today. Then on our way home, Becca wanted supper and Krystal didn't want to go out to eat until she showered. We all looked pretty bad from getting wet so much today. I had the idea to pick up food and take it back to our hotel. There is a mall across the street from our hotel. We went to a Chinese food place call "Pick Up Stix" and got chinese takeout. It was really good and really reasonably priced.

Tomorrow we are going to the Zoo.


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