Sunday, January 20, 2008

STUFF! STUFF! STUFF! (getting ready for the trip)

Hi People,

Well it is not long now until we get ready for our big adventure, and in preparation for the trip we decided we needed to do some clean up in our storage area under the stairs. It is amazing how much stuff you accumulate in a storage area in 9 years.

We started to pull everything out so we could go through it, you know, keep the good, toss the bad, and donate the rest. Well we piled everything up in the basement and let me tell you that was scary. It was crazy how much stuff (and what kind of stuff) was in there. Everything from little baby shoes to an actual bag of garbage.

We decided to take some before and after pictures, because they say seeing is believing. Here are some pictures of how our basement looked like after we pulled everything out and then after everything was sorted.



Amazing, I really do have a floor in my basement :-)

Well I guess that is step one complete.

Check out our NEW family website ! It is going to be dedicated to our world tour for now, so come on by and see what we are up to.



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