Friday, January 26, 2007


Many of you probably don't know this but Rebecca and her dog, Angel, have the same birthday. When we went to the pet store to let Rebecca pick out a puppy, she went back and forth between all the different choices and kept coming back to this one little black and white puppy (this was not the puppy I wanted her to pick but it is the one she wanted). When they gave us all the information about the puppy we found out that the puppy was born on January 26, the same day as Rebecca. It was destiny that the two of them should be together.

So today I wish happy 10th birthday to a wonderful, caring daughter REBECCA and a happy 2nd birthday to mischievious but very entertaining dog, ANGEL. Hope the day is great for both of you.

Angel and Rebecca are having a sleepover birthday party this evening. Thankfully Angel didn't invite any other dogs to come sleep over because a house of girls is enough!!

Monday, January 08, 2007


Well Christmas is over and things are back to normal so I will take this opportunity to bring everyone up to date on our travel plans. The girls and I (Kim) are planning on going to Los Angeles/San Diego during spring break. Shawn will not be joining us as he wants to save his holidays for the summer. So it will be all girls for 10 days. We have had much debate over what we want to do and have decided on the following: Universal Studios Hollywood, Disneyland and California Adventure, Sea World and San Diego Zoo.

The reason Shawn is saving his holidays is that we are going to Newfoundland in the summer. Two of Shawn's sisters are planning a family reunion (just for the 10 kids and their families but that still makes a huge crowd). Also there is Music Camp for one week.

Our YP Band is planning an exchange trip with the YP Band in Grand Falls, Newfoundland and the plan is for their band to come here in August 2007 so Shawn will need to take holidays then. Our band will then go there in March 2008.

Finally, our biggest travel plans. One day I was thinking about how I would like to just leave everything behind and take off for parts unknown. When Shawn came home, I told him what I was thinking and he said great let's go. We discussed this and have decided that at the end of June 2008, after Krystal graduates, we are going to take off for six months for a trip around the world. We have told our families and have been met with mixed opinions but have decided that we are going to do it. It is both exciting and scary and of course anything could happen between now and then to change our minds but plans are under way!!!!