Tuesday, May 16, 2006


So we bought a trampoline at Costco on Friday. There was a $100.00 off coupon and it was a totally spontaneous purchase. We went there because Shawn wanted to buy a book and we came home with a book and... a trampoline. It has already provided hours of fun.

Monday, May 08, 2006

What that gas light on your vehicle really means...

Well, apparently when the light in the van that says you need gas comes on...it really means you need gas. I went out this morning to pick up Krystal. Krystal said "you need gas". I said I know, we'll get it on the way home". Well we ran out of gas about 4 blocks from the gas station right in the middle of the intersection of 23rd Avenue and Calgary Trail. Krystal quickly jumped out thinking she could push the van through the intersection. Luckily a guy waiting for the light to turn green did not want us blocking the intersection so he got out and helped her push us through to the other side.

Now, I know you're thinking only a few blocks to the gas station right?? Of course, so we did what anyone would do. We sat in the van and phoned Shawn at work and asked him to come and bring us some gas. While we were waiting people were staring in at us as they drove past (we were creating quite a traffic jam becaus we were blocking one lane of traffic) so we climbed into the back of the van, put the seats down and lay down so no one could see us.

We passed the time planning how we would survive as we only had a bottle of water and no other food supplies. Luckily help arrived in half an hour and with the survival techniques we implemented we were able to come through the ordeal unscathed. It will probably be on the news.